Studio Designer Software Consultant

From software setup and training, to monthly accounting and project management and beyond...our goal is to handle the numbers to you can focus on your project.


We are currently doing a bit of "remodeling to improve the services we provide and be able to help even more designers like yourself. Feel free to look around and fill out an interest form and we'll put you on our waitlist. We anticipate being ready to help more designers by September 2023 and look forward to the possibility of working together.

Accounting Packages

Many designers, especially those working alone or just getting started, don’t know where to begin or maybe just don’t want to worry about the accounting. A flat rate package allows you to focus on your creativity and know that you have a professional handling your ​monthly accounting.


Software Setup & Training

Selecting the right software for your business is critical and so is making sure you know how to use it correctly. 

Let a professional Studio Designer consultant make sure you are utilizing your software to maximize your business success.


Consulting and 1:1 Training

Beyond the regular monthly accounting and our Starter Package; sometimes you may need a general consulting or a 1:1 training session for more help. 

Book your session

(additional hourly fees apply)


Get started with our custom "Starter Package"

This package gives you on-demand training created by Denise Peloquin (Owner of My Studio Desk llc) and includes initial setup for your Studio Designer software. The perfect way to get started to make the most of hiring us for your monthly accounting services.

Backoffice Solutions for Your Interior Design Business

You worked hard to get going with your own design business and now you are juggling to wear more hats than fashion sense says is wise.

You probably already found someone that does taxes or someone you know referred you to an accountant. The problem however, is, most accountants don't understand your industry.

You need someone on your team that can manage the back office or accounting while you focus on your projects.


What Makes Our Services Unique

  1. Professional monthly accounting services at a flat fee so you can focus on design.

  2. Owner is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Design Accountant, holds an MBA, and has been a  Studio Software Consultant for nearly 20 years.

  3. Focused solely on helping the Interior Design Community, we are an ASID Industry Partner (AZ North Chapter).


"When starting an independent design business, it’s so important to have the right people in place to help manage and navigate all of the various things that it takes to run this complex business well. After being introduced to Denise and learning about what she had to offer, it was a game changer for my business. She is not only a skilled CPA and Bookkeeper, she understands the verbiage, process and intricacies of Interior Design because she has done accounting for designers for so long! It’s not only rare that you get that dual expertise, but I don’t know if it exists elsewhere! Denise is extremely helpful and knowledgeable and is such a kind an honest person on top of that. I would recommend working with her to anyone in this industry that has any level of accounting needs. She is hands-down the very best."

Owner, Kristin Hazen Interiors

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